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Vilca w/ Chonque Chinchay
The Ripcord
Disintegrate into Nothing
Ripcord Snatches my Soul To the Sky
Wormhole through the Cosmos
Suspended in Some New Dimensional Realm of Reality
Humbles my Superego
Death is Near
I am Afraid of Death
Face to Face with Death
Rest in Peace Goodbye
Civil Disobedience
Our Founder's Mission

"OUR STORY" LOV & HONOR Charitable Foundation


The Founder of LOV & HONOR Charitable Foundation explains the story behind the message of its organization and the unusual timing of its conception. Explaining how the original philosophy of giving back with selfless & reckless abandonment served in helping at-risk youth, and how it was the catalyst for the aggressive approach to Battle HUMAN/CHILD SEX TRAFFICKING in the USA. The $1.9 million project coined THE HONOR FARM is a fully resourced intake rehabilitation compound in rural Nevada that will help child/teen victims of sex trafficking. Including on ground TACTICAL TASK FORCE UNIT to extract, and rescue missing, abused or endangered children. 

A $150 billion dollar industry, second only to drug trafficking the founder discusses the passion and 2025 expected finish date as $1.2 Million has already been raised. If the HONOR FARM can save one of the 300,000 kids that will be trafficked every year it is worth it. The drug cartels, MS-13 gangs, Organized crime are all involved and he

discusses the importance of dealing with all health issues of the victims as a result

from their experiences. Victims are subject to physical, mental, psychological abuse, forced labor, forced marriage, drug transport, prostitution, forced drug use, and organ harvesting. USA is # 1 in the whole world. Human trafficking was only a federal crime as of 2000.


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